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Top viewing picks for half term

Put your feet up and relax into a good series binge over half term – you’ve earned it! Our list of the best things to watch includes everything from nail biting thrillers and emotional dramas to light hearted comedies and family favourites. Many of our picks are perfect for the spooky season, too!

Squid Game (Netflix)

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the hit Korean Netflix TV series Squid Game, which is thought to soon become Netflix’s most watched series in history! Dubbed a grown-up Hunger Games, down-on-their-luck players take part in a series of children’s games in hopes of winning a handsome cash prize. Don’t be fooled – you’re in for a deadly, suspenseful and gruesome ride. A great one to binge during Halloween season!

Maid (Netflix)

Also new to Netflix, Maid is an emotionally-charged drama series following the journey of a brave young woman and her child as they flee an abusive home. Featuring real-life mother and daughter Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley, Maid depicts the poverty crisis in America as Alex struggles working as a cleaner and living in shelters to provide a more stable life for herself and her young child.

Ridley Road (BBC)

Can’t decide if you fancy a luscious period drama or a gripping thriller? Then BBC’s new 4-part drama Ridley Road might be up your street! Set in post-war 1960s Britain, a Jewish woman inadvertently finds herself embroiled in the fight against rising fascist sects in London. Vivien joins a top secret anti-facist organisation and soon goes undercover where some shocking events occur.

Sex Education (Netflix)

The long-awaited third season of Sex Education has recently become available on Netflix! For those new to the series, Sex Education follows a group of awkward, clueless yet loveable British teenagers as they navigate the trials and tribulations of their sexual awakenings. It’s a quirky, retro, coming-of-age show that will have you laughing and cringing in equal measure!

Help (Channel 4)

If you’re anything like us, you love watching anything starring Jodie Comer (think Killing Eve and Doctor Foster) and will therefore devour the new Channel 4 drama, Help. Set in her native Liverpool, Comer plays a young carer who forms a bond with a patient who has early-onset Alzheimer’s. A harrowing and emotional portrayal of health care professionals’ intense struggle during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Leonardo (Amazon Prime)

Calling all Poldark fans! Aiden Turner stars as the Renaissance painter and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci in this lush historical drama series. The plot features Leonardo’s arrest and imprisonment for a suspected murder and subsequently follows how he came to produce his most famous works. A fascinating insight into the mind of a genius, you’ll enjoy curling up on the sofa and losing yourself in another time.

Halloween Films to watch (Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix)

October is your one opportunity a year to indulge in some darker delights so make sure you’ve got a good line up of Halloween classics and hair-raising horrors on your list! Disney Plus have a great Halloween collection featuring some family favourites like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, while Netflix and Prime have a host of horrors (films and series galore) to keep you hiding behind your pillow. Try recently added The Manor and Midsommer on Amazon Prime, or head over to Netflix to watch some oldies like The Blair Witch Project, The Haunting or the Scary Movie and Halloween film franchises.

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