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The unique benefits of British boarding

*photography copyright: Millie Pilkington Photography for Twyford School Fans of Harry Potter probably imagine life at British boarding schools as swirling gothic spires, with young wizards… Read More

Posted on 17 September 2019

School News

Windlesham House Announces New Headmaster

Windlesham House, the co-ed Sussex-based prep school, has just announced the appointment of Ben Evans as Headmaster of Windlesham House School on the retirement of Richard… Read More

Posted on 30 July 2019

Education, People, Charity

Roots and wings

Ian Davenport, head of Royal National Children’s SpringBoard Foundation, tells SN about the charity’s commitment to transforming lives of disadvantaged children within our boarding schools “There… Read More

Posted on 4 June 2019

Education, Health & Wellbeing

Top Tips for First Time Boarders

At School Notices you’ve probably spotted from our features that when it comes to our children’s education and well-being, we strive to give you the best… Read More

Posted on 29 August 2018 | Updated on 27th August 2019