Time for a declutter? Here’s how to buy and sell on our Noticeboard

Fed up of staring at piles of unused toys?  Marvelling at endless bits of sports equipment that seem to be taking up every corner of your house? Yup, think we are all in the same boat and it’s time for a declutter! So why not post your preloved and unwanted items on our site? Just think of the pleasure of waving goodbye to all those things you’ve been hoarding, freeing up some much needed space and buying yourself something nice with the proceeds!

From bikes, skis, sports equipment, puppies and ponies to furniture, cars, boats and beyond. Clear out your cupboards, garage and storage and make room for a fresh new start!

Try posting a notice today, it couldn’t be simpler, and get selling!

Our guidelines for anyone buying and selling are as follows:

  • Make sure you are clear about your expectations
  • Video / phone call for any initial meetings
  • Arrange for payment via paypal / instant bank transfer
  • Offer postage or a courier service
  • Tell the rest of our site how it went (okay that is not a necessity but we love hearing your success stories!)


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