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Scholarships Flow for Pupils at Westbourne House School

A huge 27 Year 8 pupils at Westbourne House School, Chichester, representing just over the half the year group, have been awarded a total of 36… Read More

Posted on 1 August 2019

Useful and Quirky

Learning the lingo – a parent’s guide to teenage slang!

Don’t let your kids make you feel old this summer – here’s our handy guide to understanding the latest teenage slang that will have you lol’ing!… Read More

Posted on 1 August 2019


Spotlight On … Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb is the Founder of SCHOOLSOX, a fantastic sock labelling business that’s revolutionising wash piles and laundry sorting across the country!  Here’s how it all… Read More

Posted on 30 July 2019 | PROMOTION

School News

Windlesham House Announces New Headmaster

Windlesham House, the co-ed Sussex-based prep school, has just announced the appointment of Ben Evans as Headmaster of Windlesham House School on the retirement of Richard… Read More

Posted on 30 July 2019