A new way to raise money. Let us help!

School Notices was built to help raise money for your school bursary funds, internal and charitable causes, so if your school is not yet a member please introduce us and we will send your Headmaster, PTA or Development Director more information on how we can help.

It’s free for schools to join…
…and free for parents, alumni & staff to use…

Businesses, pay to advertise and we share this directly with their chosen member school.

If your school is already a member you can help by encouraging your friends to join us, as the more members you have at your school, the more advertising revenue you will raise.

Together, as a community, we are powerful and through School Notices we can use this power to benefit our schools.

For more information please get in touch:
e: info@schoolnotices.co.uk
t: 01256 223060

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