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Useful and Quirky

Bring a burst of colour to a rainy day with a BLUNT umbrella

Do you trust your umbrella to protect you from the wind and rain when you’re standing on the sideline of a school sports pitch? What if… see more

Posted on 5 May 2022

Useful and Quirky

Working out is going super sci-fi! The future of exercising is VR

For Peloton users running on a treadmill through virtual surroundings may be nothing new… but did you know that the future of almost every exercise you… see more

Posted on 17 March 2022

Useful and Quirky

The most exciting children’s book releases so far this year!

It’s World Book Day! What better time to have the kids dive headfirst into books full of fun and adventure? We’ve teamed up with dandelion.london to… see more

Posted on 3 March 2022

Useful and Quirky

Get the lowdown on metaverse real estate

Still feeling a little clueless about all things metaverse? Is talk of metaverse real estate making you feel even more out of the loop? We’re with… see more

Posted on 28 January 2022

Useful and Quirky

Learning the lingo – a parent’s guide to teenage slang!

The Christmas holidays are upon us once again, and we’re offering you a handy guide to Gen Z slang to help you better understand your teens!… see more

Posted on 13 December 2021

Useful and Quirky

You’ll never guess what!

How tall was the world’s tallest snowman? How much wrapping paper do people in the UK use every year? Impress your family over the dinner table… see more

Posted on 13 December 2021
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