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Meet ‘Youngtrepreneur’ Tom Holmes

This week in our ‘Youngtrepreneur’ series we speak to alumnus of Uppingham School, Tom Holmes. Tom founded Tom’s Trunks after a holiday in Kenya where he… Read More

Posted on 4 May 2021


Meet ‘Youngtrepreneur’ Bell Hutley

Step aside the snowflake generation and hats off to the young entrepreneurs! Talented and ambitious, these guys mean business.  They know what they want and more… Read More

Posted on 27 April 2021


Michael Whitehall on life, fatherhood and naked yoga!

During lockdown we had the chance to catch-up with the legendary (and extremely charming) Michael Whitehall, on his illustrious career as a producer, talent agent, actor,… Read More

Posted on 20 April 2021

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Spotlight on Helen McGinn Founder of The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

You’re exhausted, fed up with childcare, cooking and multi-tasking and longing for that much deserved glass of wine. A simple solution for a complicated day, and… Read More

Posted on 8 April 2021